Playland: Closed for the Winter

Storyland: Closed for the Winter


890 W Belmont Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728
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Donate to the Parks

Rotary Storyland & Playland relies on the generosity of our community to maintain the parks, bring in new rides—and to help create lasting memories for our guests.

Here’s a real life story explaining what your donation pays for:

“I love to sit at the Rotary Playland Splash Park during my lunch hour and watch the magic of children and parents enjoying their time together, creating permanent memories that last a lifetime. On one particular afternoon, as the Fresno heat started to build, I watched a single mom get off the city bus at the Playland entrance. She had 4 children all under the age of 6, one infant in her arms and a paper grocery sack of sandwiches and snacks she brought from home held in the other arm. I knew that on purpose, Playland does not charge an entry fee to get into the park, or to use the Splash Park. This little single-parent family spread out their blanket in the shade, on the grass, under the tree, next to the Splash Park. Mom stayed on the blanket with the infant and kept a watchful eye over her 4 children squealing with glee as they danced in and out of the cooling sprays of water throughout the Splash Park. These kids would stop playing just long enough to skip over to mom and get a snack, then it was back to the joy of making new friends and inventing new games to play in the sprinklers. At the end of this long, hot, Fresno afternoon this young mother packed up her little tired and soaked children, toweled them dry and walked back to the city bus stop. She disappeared with her children onto the bus, into the bustle of Fresno traffic. I knew in my heart that each of these children would remember that special day -- when mom took them all to the Playland Splash Park and they played their hearts out.” – story recounted by Dave Kyle, Storyland & Playland team member.

Please open your heart and give a donation to Storyland & Playland in the box below. We pledge to use your gift to provide the outstanding and unique family experiences you expect from Rotary Storyland & Playland.

Your donations is tax deductible.